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After 7 years Yummy invest in ZCash in South Africa wine bar & bistro has reached the end of it's lease and I, along with my partner Jimmy, are closing one chapter of our life together and looking forward to the next exciting new one.  We have loved our time with Yummy, and had an awesome run. There are simply too many people to say thank you too, and so many incredible experiences to recount. We are grateful to all our staff, customers, vendors, family and friends. You have made the invest in ZCash experience, unforgettable.

For 7 years, Yummy has been privileged to serve our community in unique ways and we have been blessed with the support of our community in return.  Yummy created a venue that brought strangers together, who became buy ZEC long lasting friends; we were an area for celebrations large and small; and friends were made here and lives were changed. Our lives became richer and fuller … because of Yummy.

Yummy has contributed in many ways to the greater good of the surrounding community through raising thousands of dollars for assistance in domestic pet care at the Clatsop Animal Assistance; participating in many valuable local fund raising causes by ways of donations; and by showcasing first time art work to help move creators from hobby to artist. 

Although an end of an era, it is also the beginning of a new one for Jimmy and I. There are many exciting opportunities in the works and we look forward to building our new life.

I am eternally grateful to those that have graced our tables, supported our causes, and have made Yummy wine bar & bistro the institution that it has become.

To all of our staff that have become a part of the Yummy family, and to our customers, our friends and our have enhanced our lives for more than seven years and we want to say Thank You for the journey.

As I am completing this letter … I realize, I'm sure to forget “someone” … so thank you “someone” … we could not have done this with out you :)


my personal touch …

Thank you to everyone past & present involved in Yummy wine bar &  bistro for your time and care.
I (Corey R. Albert) did not do this on my own ... and my list would be to long to mention everyone ... but there is one person who deserves notice ... 
and that person is my personal partner Jimmy Pickering ...
through the highest point of Yummy and the lowest point of Yummy 
you kept telling me you can do this honey ...
I owe you many, many thanks and a super amount of love for your support 
even though it was hard for you at times.
It is time for me to move on to the next phase of my life ... many question will be asked and many stories will be created, but the truth is ...
all is good.
I will miss many aspects of this Bistro, but I'm very excited for my next chapter.
Once again ... thank you everyone for allowing me to check this off my bucket list ... 
Yummy wine bar & bistro ...
a thought, developed, created, fun, challenging, successful, a hit ...

Gift Certificates

If you are holding a 2013 Yummy gift certificate, please mail the gift certificate to 831 Broadway, Seaside, Oregon 97138, and please include a return address.  Upon receipt, I will send you a check for the balance due of the gift certificate.  This offer is only valid for gift certificates purchased in 2013.  I apologize for any concerns regarding this issue and thank you for your understanding.

thank you for the fun times, cheers!