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                                                                                    Yummy, Inc.

an American Bistro with flavor influences from other countries (Europe, Asia, South America, others)

Yummy wine bar & bistro, a magnet for the grooviest people in town.  Lively & smart, it hits the right note with artfully prepared dishes, luscious flavored wines, and for your purchase we display eye candy art to challenge your imagination. 

The surroundings range from clubby to cozy to contemporary.  The menus are written to amuse as well as educate.  And the food goes beyond the standard fares; some of the menu scrumptious starters are artisan cheese plate & hors d’oeuvre platter – dishes meant for pairing and sharing – oh ... & save room for our groovy desserts.

Urban design at a location just blocks from the beach ... it all adds up to a great night out, which is why “Yummy” is the coolest way to socialize. 

Unlike any other eatery or bar in the county, Yummy  wine bar & bistro combines groovy beauty, grounded sophistication and sincere hospitality to create a truly unique experience.  Our food is one of the best kept secrets in the county.  We work with local businesses and farmers to bring you the finest most natural and best tasting product.  Enhance your experience with a luscious glass of wine; we value wine as much as we value exceptional food and service.  We offer a full dinner menu and special delights, including a happy hour menu between 3 & 6 p.m. and a server's choice flight special after 9 p.m.  Parts of our menus evolve with the seasons and showcases staple dishes alongside original creations.

Yummy  wine bar & bistro was created to bring you away from the typical restaurant, lounge & bar scene and into an intellectual stimulation involving tasty food, awsome art & flavorful wines -creating a relaxed, friendly hip place for the novice as well as the connoisseur.  With our bistro menu, thought provoking art & balanced wine list, our goal is to educate, excite and open you to a world beyond the norm.  Yummy offers an environment with one commonality … enjoy … the moment, your company, learning & discovering. 

Intimidated by wines?  Don’t be.  It’s not as complicated as people may think.  Drink and taste, and taste some more; that’s the only way to learn what you like and don’t like.  But the most important part of your wine experience is to have fun with it and remember we are all still learning the ever changing life of wines. 

One of my goals is to shake the notion that one must know a lot about wine to enjoy the experience of a wine bar.  Here at Yummy, we are offering you a wine bar without the intimidation ... so join us, sit back and enjoy what we have to offer.

What is true for me is also true to my staff, we aim for authenticity, simplicity and quality. 

Have a great journey …

Yummy  wine bar & bistro established 20 April 2007.

photo by sawayaphoto:

Here is what you can expect:

  • bistro:  happy hour, full dinner menu & dessert menu.
  • wine bar:  taste, flight, glass, bottle & retail.
  • art gallery:  original art work, new show every season.

Thank you and see you soon ...

Corey R. Albert     -     Chef/Proprietor