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*Job Available-ACCEPTING

                  Dishwasher / Kitchen Help

We are very busy and require your help.  Business has picked up compared to the prior years and shows no signs of slowing down.  We need to expand our kitchen crew and that's were you come in ...

Thank you for your interest in a job with Yummy wine bar & bistro.  My goal is to hire like minded people who possess a strong professional demeanor with a laid back attitude, but most importantly knowing the proper time & place to display them both.  


We are a casual upscale full service bistro seeking a person for a self motivated position requiring little culinary training, but lots of maturity and willingness to learn.

Although this dishwasher/kitchen help receives a great amount of on-the-job training, it is often useful in landing this job having already some basic culinary or kitchen experience from prior employment (but not required). 

Yes, a kitchen can be a high-pressure work environment, and our dishwasher/kitchen help will need to have a skin that is thick enough to deal with the inevitable challenges. The dishwasher/kitchen help is an integral member of our kitchen staff. Although a dishwasher/kitchen help has less responsibility than other kitchen staff members, the work that they perform is nevertheless crucial to the overall success of this kitchen. For this reason, the successful dishwasher/kitchen help will learn how to work well in a team, will take responsibility for their actions, and will consistently pay attention to details.

This dishwasher/kitchen help's role is to washes dishes, utensils and cookware following established procedures; assist with food preparation as requested; assist in performing cleaning tasks as needed in the kitchen; assist in properly labeling, covering and storing food items; assist as requested in inventorying and stocking food products and supplies; thoroughly complete all assigned closing duties; and perform all other duties as assigned. Tasks will also include performing kitchen scheduled cleaning and detail cleaning. 

This is a hands-on position. You will work continuously in this position ... at times harder then others.  High energy is a must, with a quite attitude.

This is a small independent business, not a corporation … but professionalism is required.

This is a *Part-Time Year Round position , 5 days per week (Thursdays thru Mondays) with an average of 20 hours per week annually (more in the summer average 25-ish hours, less in the winter average 15-ish hours) which includes weekends and some holidays. Your shift will start at 7'ish (depending on the season) and end at around 11p.m.'ish (again depending on the season). 
*For the right person, this position can be full time year round or it can be share with another staff member.


We are different here; we have no microwave or deep fryer. This place is not a diner, it's a bistro … personality and work ethic must be appropriate for this environment. The size of this kitchen can only hold 3 working bodies; able to work as a team is a must.

The whole bistro is a total of 1600 sq/ft with 128 sq/ft of that being our small kitchen, off to the side of the kitchen we have a 6x8 walkin cooler and a 7x7 dry storage room (with a reach-in freezer in the dry storage room). We have no banquet room and we do no catering. This is not a corporate kitchen, it's a small business kitchen.

We are a FOH crew of 2.5 people and BOH crew of 3.5 people. FOH crew consist of 1. Full-time Unit Manager/Server  2. Full-time Lead Server  & 3. Part-time Bar Back (pouring drinks and supporting the Servers).  BOH crew consist of 1. me the owner/chef (can do and does every job at any given time), 2. my right hand person (sous-chef to dishwasher to closing duties for the kitchen & restaurant to everything in between), 3. prep cook/kitchen help (able to do what is required to get the bistro ready for the day), & 4. part-time dishwasher/kitchen help (runner, plates desserts & platters, dishwasher & closing duties).


Advancement opportunities are prep-cook, sous-chef, chef and learning the skills required to run your own bistro.

  • Hourly Pay: DOE + review/raise every 3 months

  • Anniversary, Holiday & Birthday Bonuses

  • 100% discount on staff meal & beverage after each shift
  • 50% discounts on other select purchases
  • Tips
  • Two days off in a row
  • 4 weeks off per year (unpaid, but able to collect unemployment during that time). One week after Memorial Day & the first three weeks in January the bistro will be closed.
  • Select Holidays off:  Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & New Year's Day
  • 1 year commitment is required

You will be hired mostly on your personality, but here is a list that will also have a major influence on if you get hired or not …

This position is responsible for and must

Ensuring dishwasher standards are maintained. 
Maintains health and sanitation standards.
Safely preforming every task.
Keeping all areas and in a neat and orderly fashion.
Displaying a positive and enthusiastic approach to all assignments.
Maintains professional standards at all times, clean and well groomed as per standards.
Practice of “clean-as-you-go” at all times.

The following attributes will bring you success at Yummy wine bar & bistro:

Vision: The ability to take something good and make it great.
Leadership: You will self motivate and motivate teammates to achieve their best results.
A strong Work Ethic: You will work hard actively being hands-on. Communication: Successful working conditions and relationships depend upon successful communication. Not only do you need to stay aware of changes in procedures, policies and general information, you also need to communicate your ideas, suggestions, personal goals or problems as they affect your work.
Commitment: Please be settled and stable in all areas of your life. A long term "Yummy" relationship will serve us all best.
Work history: Demonstrating interest and stability.
Adapt and Overcome: Able to work in a small kitchen and use what we have to create an amazing culinary experience.

All staff member’s required traits, skills & abilities:

Demonstrates a calm demeanor.
Display respect toward customer’s experience.
Possess integrity, honesty & optimism.
Plans, identifies & communicates to ensure smooth flow of operation.
Confident & well groomed appearance.
Food & beverage knowledge.
Clear oral & written communication skills.
Effective problem solving & ability to take direction.
Team player with a great sense of humor.
Good sense of balance, able to lift, bend, kneel, stoop & wipe.
Ability to manage multiple situations simultaneously.
Ability to plan & prioritize workload.                                                       Able to stay calm and focus under demanding periods                   

Summary of experience and must haves:

-Have reliable transportation.

-Possess a current Oregon state Food Handlers card (or be willing to take the class/test. Cost is $10).   

-Able to provide proof of identity and eligibility to work in the United States.

Oregon Law requirements:
Because of the Oregon Labor Laws for Minors, this position is available only for individuals 18 (eighteen) years of age & older.

This is a TEAM oriented business.   We perform all reference checks, criminal background screening and a credit check.  All job offers are contingent upon successful reference checks, criminal background screening and a credit check.  That being said ... we (myself included) are not all perfect and I understand life challenges may effect our history record.  History blemishes will not eliminate you as a potential hire. It's how you deal with it today will determine who you are and that is what's important to me.

Serious applicants only.  I’m a determined and focused restaurateur with the goal of having a highly talented and low maintenance crew.  Submit your resume and cover letter in Word format to  Please include, “Yummy POSITION” in the subject line of your email.


IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER … Because of the seasonality of the North Oregon Coast it takes a person (and their family) who can handle long dark wet winters with beautiful sunny happy summers, limited social gathering spots in the winter with fun filled events & activities in the summer, slow small town energy in the winter with busy tourist destination in the summer. The summer part may sound exciting, but the winter part seems to be a challenge for many. Take all this seriously before sending in your resume and cover letter. We are not looking to fill a position … we are looking for the right person.

Pick-up a blank application &/or  Drop off your information ONLY BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 3 & 5pm, Thursday, Friday, Sunday & Monday.

or send your information via:

I understand for life learning & career growth every current staff member will move on to another job.  I also understand that Yummy  wine bar & bistro will be part of someone’s life learning & career growth.  That is why I am always accepting applications & resumes for any position.

Here are the current positions:

o       Part Time Seasonal Bar Back

o       Full Time Server 

o       Full Time Server/Manager   

o       Part Time DishWasher/Kitchen Help

o       Part Time Prep Cook/Kitchen Help

o       Full Time Sous-Chef/Kitchen Help

o       Full Time Chef     


Yummy wine bar & bistro of Seaside, Oregon has enjoyed great success in its years of being open; thanks to the amazing staff that is and have been part of this business.